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Few Lines From ChairPerson

Welcome to the Budding Minds International website.We are providing best prac tice and innovative programs for children from tiny tots to 5 years old.   Our staff     is professional educator committed to building a dynamic and safe learning envi ronment for all children in our care. Early childhood is a time of wonder, openne
ss and insatiable curiosity.Our integrated curriculum based on a blend of play wa
y and  Montessori method strives to develop a sense of excitement discovery and
joy of learning amongst the children. Children are invited to explore and develop freely under the reassuring and confident care of their teachers in a safe, dynami
c and nurturing environment. BUDDING MINDS INTERNATIONAL makes an ear
ly beginning in cultivating the core values of confidence, courage, competence, c
reativity, courtesy, compassion and commitment for lifelong success...